Performance Racing Intercoolers


Need an Off-the shelf or Custom made intercooler, we have the intercooler for you.

Twin-Turbo Supra with ICEVEX IC40-M

ICEVEX Intercoolers:

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy core and end-tanks
  • Bar & plate core construction
  • Cast aluminum end-tanks, polished to a mirror shine
  • High quality meticulous welding
  • Designed to withstand the highest peak and operational pressures: up to 5 bar or 74 psig.
  • High cross-sectional area cores to allow the maximum air flow while minimizing the pressure drop across the core

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Our racing intercoolers are designed to provide you with a premium product built with high quality materials using stringent manufacturing methods. Thorough engineering and extensive testing has allowed us to offer quality products backed by the IceVex ™ limited 1 year warranty.

More cooling - more power !!

EVO VIII with Front Mount Icevex Kit